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a confluence of parts [work in progress]


The Confluence

A confluence occurs in a river when two or more flowing bodies of water join to form a single channel. The confluence of parts is a meeting of physical and metaphysical past, present and digital spirits; spirits that were abandoned, forgotten and ignored.  In many ways the accessibility of digital media has revolutionised how we perceive ourselves and provided space to commune online. This series explores this online communing in relation to traditional physical rituals - how online spaces that are specifically safe for queer, black and femme bodies transformed and created a sort of  "digital spirituality".

The work revolves around providing mediums and sites for unsettled spirits, I hope to create spaces for forgiveness and healing by acknowledging the ignored and often unaccessible memories our bodies carry through inherited wounds - or those we have experienced ourselves but did not know how to navigate. Using three characters (spirits) as a way to access and work through memories of loss, betrayal, and infertility.

This body of work is an intimate interrogation into the physical and spiritual - it is a ritualistic approach (the ritual being in the art making through use of body) to understanding the things that our subconscious minds hold on to - and how to access and re-navigate this subconscious - through words, sound and imagery that allow for both a digital and spiritual transcendence of self for the femme and/or 'othered' body. 

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