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sisi ni [tunachokiona]2019

SISI NI - In the space

In order to hunger for liberation, we must see ourselves as agents of liberation, as fighters and leaders. We have been induced to propaganda that feeds our sense of inferiority for so long that it is both necessary and vital for us to now radically push our own propaganda - propaganda that will manifest itself into change.


This is what Sisini Tunachokiona (we are what we see) is inspired by, the need to correct what history preconditioned us to believe.

Using the digital images, I hope to provide an alternative through a spiritual imaginarium, where the black bodies transform into the likes of gods, of highly enlightened ethereal beings. The first step to doing is believing - if we see ourselves as powerful, as mighty, as capable of anything then we start manifesting those beliefs.


This existed as an installation for healing at the James Fort in Accra, Ghana. In a room that once trapped slaves. As a way of reconciling the emotions I, and other people of African decent felt in the space - the spiritual weight of the space - I placed femme black Gods on the walls that watched over the space; candles and incense and prayers were used as cleansing and an acknowledgement of the painful history the building holds and audience members were invited to remove their shoes, and take a moment to celebrate the magic and resistance of their existence while a manifesto was both hung on the wall and played on a video in the room.  

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