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to dismantle a house [2022]

An installation and performance that focused on cultural intersections of music, food and language between South London based communities. Using shared beliefs around cleanliness to explore notions of the foreigner, borders and how we share space.


Using the domestic space (and the objects found within) as a microcosm to reflect on different experiences of communal spaces and how one can be denied space within the home. The multi-sensory performance took place across the main gallery space at the South London Gallery and featured sound [both live and recorded], video, scent, text and an installation.

The performance featured artistic interventions from artists Rehema Chachage and Pamina Sebastião 




The  Performance was a culmination of an Inaugural residency with The Roberts Institute of Art in partnership with South London Gallery. 

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full view 1 Valerie Asiimwe Amani_Photo credit © Anne Tetzlaff_DSC2678 copy.jpg

with Rehema Chachage

Scent & Sound

Rehema Chachages "Bibi's Cake" played in the background in a room full of lime zest scent. An intimate account of how histories can be passed on through recipe.

The installation was accompanied by an interactive table where audience could reflect on what memories certain scents held for them, from cinnamon to star anise. 

table and notes - Valerie Asiimwe Amani_Photo credit © Anne Tetzlaff_DSC2678.jpg
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