a statement

My mother bought me my first diary when I was in grade 3, it was of course, my keeper of secrets. I found companionship in writing, it was my opening encounter with the ritual of creating. 

I kept on journaling [somewhat] consistently throughout all the years of discovery and disaster because words and writing help me process life; the validity of my emotions never questioned but rather translated through the making.

My words are the most important thing I own.

My works are extended and fleshed out journal entries that metamorphosed into form. The voice and tone ranging from a playful grade 3 foreigner; an anxious know-it-all teenager, a critical 24-year-old activist and sometimes an almost 30 slightly paranoid artist in training.  

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Valerie Asiimwe Amani, is an artistic explorer born in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. Her multi-disciplinary approach incorporates textile, poetry, moving image and digital collage; experimenting with notions of memory, hybrid spirituality and the complexities of body.

She is also a writer, curator and art educator - mentoring emerging artists within her community.  

Her work has been featured in various international exhibitions, and publications. including “The Main Complaint” at the Zeitz Mocaa and “Magician: Black Bodies and Portraiture” at the FFCA in Los Angeles. Furthermore she has co-authored a multimedia book titled Black Amara – a visual and literary shared journal on life through a Neo-African feminine lens, to be available in late 2021. She is currently completing a MFA at the University of Oxford.

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